Our racedates are set on a yearly basis for a season that runs August to July, and then we roll straight into another season!

Some of our raceday event programmes are also planned well in advance, while other may only be finalised 6-8 weeks out.

We are constantly updating these details so check back and click on selected racedates when 'more details' become visible.

HOWEVER - if you want info about a date that is yet to have raceday details listed, please get in touch with us through our Contacts page and we'd be happy to discuss what sponsorship and/or hospitality options may be available to you.


AUG Sun 2 Piako Rural Services Raceday  
AUG Sun 23 Dally Day 2020  
OCT Wed 28 Donaghys Raceday  
NOV Tue 10 Bayleys Raceday  
JAN Sun 3 Thames Summer Family Raceday  
FEB Wed 17 Ecolab Raceday  
MAR Sun 21 Trainers Raceday  
APR Sat 10 Fiber Fresh NZ Thoroughbred Breeders Stakes Day  
JUN Sun 27 Piako Rural Services Raceday  
JUL Sun 11 Dally Day 2021